It’s bittersweet, putting up for sale a place you’ve poured your hearts into. We hope that whomever purchases Ah Tong Tailor will love the place as we do, and will relish living in George Town, right in the middle of the UNESCO world heritage site, as we have.

We originally envisioned a decade, perhaps a little more in this house. Circumstances dictate otherwise. If we could take this place with us when we leave Penang, we absolutely would. It’s been a wonderful home.

We’ve made a website for the house, which we’ve priced to the market. We’re selling Ah Tong Tailor partially furnished, with excellent quality pieces.

And we are offering an Introduction Fee equivalent to 1% of the sales price¬†for a referral that leads to a sale — payable to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Details of the property, the location, and some info about purchasing property in George Town at this website: With a slideshow of the finished Ah Tong Tailor.

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