Ah Tong Tailor

Refurbishing a Shop House in George Town, Penang

It’s bittersweet, putting up for sale a place you’ve poured your hearts into. We hope that whomever purchases Ah Tong Tailor will love the place as we do, and will relish living in George Town, right in the middle of the UNESCO world heritage site, as we have.

We originally envisioned a decade, perhaps a little more in this house. Circumstances dictate otherwise. If we could take this place with us when we leave Penang, we absolutely would. It’s been a wonderful home.

We’ve made a website for the house, which we’ve priced to the market. We’re selling Ah Tong Tailor partially furnished, with excellent quality pieces.

And we are offering an Introduction Fee equivalent to 1% of the sales price for a referral that leads to a sale — payable to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Details of the property, the location, and some info about purchasing property in George Town at this website: penangheritagehouseforsale.com. With a slideshow of the finished Ah Tong Tailor.

Questions? Pose them here (comments are moderated, so I will see your question before it’s published) or write to drhagerman@gmail.com.

Thanks for your follows and comments over the years. Who knows, maybe we’ll turn up a year or so down the line, in this space, with a new project.

8 Responses to “Ah Tong Tailor is For Sale”

  1. Ei Ping

    I have long known that it will be beyond my means to own such dream house, but I recklessly carried on dreaming as I waited for your latest news/updates. Now that it has come to reality, I can only sigh and find a new dream to dream 😦

    • robyneckhardt

      I’m sorry! If I was a billionaire I’d give Ah Tong Tailor in an essay contest in which the winner tells why they’d want to have the house as their own. I’m not, unfortunately. Thanks for following.

  2. karen tripson

    Your house is so beautiful! Where are you headed? When is the Turkey book coming out? Karen Tripson


  3. robyneckhardt

    Hi Karen! Thank you. ‘Istanbul and Beyond’ is out Oct 10 and available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Indiebound.org. (The latter lets you order to an independent bookstore for pick-up).
    We are heading to Europe, if all goes as planned. 🙂 But after 20 years in Asia the region is in our DNA, so we will be back very often.
    Thanks for following along!

  4. Rosemary Wilson

    Thank you for letting me be a part of Ah Tong Tailor. I have followed your story of the re -furbishment with much interest and quite by chance had the pleasure of finding your shophouse during my stay March 2015. I was staying at Sinkeh on Lebuh Melayu and walking to the hawker stands on Lebuh Kimberley. The old sign was my guide!! Best wishes for your next adventure, Penang is a wonderful place of interest, I have been fortunate to have been visiting at various times since 1980, changes many! But still enjoy each visit. Again best wishes, Rosemary W.

    • robyneckhardt

      You’re welcome Rosemary and thank you for following along. Penang certainly is an interesting place, George Town has changed a lot since we bought Ah Tong in 2010 but it is still a place that inspires both myself and my photographer husband everyday. It’s also still one of the best places in the world to eat! (IMO). Would have loved to have known this place in 1980. How lucky you were.

  5. Bianca Taylor

    Hi there
    Your house is really beautiful, you have done an exquisite job. We love Georgetown too. I have sent you an e mail regarding a house sitter while you are in Europe. I worry it is sitting in your spam folder. Maybe I am being hasty in my worry but we have only a few weeks until the end of month and need to know if you would possibly need us or if we should look for an apartment elsewhere on Penang.
    my e mail address is below. If you could please respond whether you would need us or not as soon as you have received it.

    No need to publish this comment. I just used it as an ulterior method to contact you and I may try message you through facebook too 🙂


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